A clear photo describe nepotism of Bollywood || sushant depressed from Bollywood nepotism || 8 films has gone from his hand because of this obnoxious

After Sushant's death, Dr. Nimit Ojha is said really worthfull
In his own words..

 I can relate to this very well. It's not about Sushant, it's about depression. ‘He would have taken inspiration from something,’ or ‘He would have learned something from a character’ ( chichore ) It is all bullshit. Twice in my own life I have reached the stage where if I go one step further, the result will be Sushant Singh Rajput.

 Depression is exactly like love. 
 For those who do not go through it, it is an unimaginable experience. Excessive intelligence can sometimes prove deadly. When your own intelligence suddenly becomes your enemy, there is no book, no inspiration. 😔

 Depression is a problem of thinking brain. Rather Over-Thinking Brain. When we are depressed, we do not like good and true counselors / Advisor. Just like people who listen to us. Thoughts that pass faster than the speed of a bullet train and the frustration and negativity attached to those thoughts like a train compartment paralyzes a man. There seems to be no other option but death.

 The chemical loca of serotonin numbs the brain to such an extent that the only way out of this situation appears to be to shut down the brain permanently. We take our Melancholy and lie down and wait for something to change. But eventually, nothing changes. Darkness is getting darker and dark and people are advised to come out of the darkness instead of lighting.

 If you can't disclose/agreement, tell a close friend or family member. Say ‘I want to die. I don't feel like living. Just as much courage is needed. A sincere confession made by putting ego aside can save many lives.

I say this from my personal experience. If you are also depressed or have a faint idea of ​​committing suicide, remember these three things.

1. Cogregulations. You are intelligent. Dumb people do not get depressed. So first of all take credit for the fact that you are intelligent.

2.Cry for help. Sitting does not change the situation. Neither outside nor inside. Urgently reach the clinic of a counselor, therapist or psychiatrist. The rest of the work, leave it to him.

3.Believe me. Happy Days Will Be Here Again. Nothing is permanent. Not even depression. Your post-depression phase will take you much further. Because you must have come out by defeating them in the battle against your mind and thoughts.

                                                      Dr. Nimit Ojha

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