Effect of India banned TIKTOK & 58 others || on TIKTOK - DAY 2 DAY

Because of India banned 59 shits 

( means useless app which is made by noodle ) the impact of Chinese apppps

Tiktok losing 7.5CR per day!! 

In sometimes later many Chinese will be lose their jobs cause, ban of 59 apps
This 59 banned app earned 100Cr + in a day which money 💰 comes to every Indian youth 

These app decreasing our thinking mentally, mindsets, some kind of awareness, unity, Patriotism, career loses, not to support made in india...

Always every human being has a many ways to restart their journey or finding the new prosperity to lives their beautiful life.

Any kind of suggestions or ideas 👇 this small box for you !!😉

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