Iceland 🖤black sand beach with 💛yellow river and 💚green field with 💙blue ocean

Everyone knows that ICELAND  ⛰️🏔 is most popular tourist attraction place around world.

It is famous for their Blue lagoon, Gullfoss falls, Golden circle, skaftafell etc...

But only a few people who know that Iceland has most beautiful beach & river..

There's place that's where Green field meets

💚 yellow river
💛 then yellow river meets
🖤 black beach and last black meets  blue

How Exquisite & pretty it is! :)) 😃

Black Sand Beach is located on South Coast of Iceland.

This sand originated from the basalt lava that's covers much more area. Because black sand isn't daily fill up again. like most beach sand when storms and tides wash the sand away, black sand beaches tend not to suffer very long.

The river is yellow because of carrying sulfur-rich silt from the nearby volcanic 🌋  rocks and soil.

Ectively, it happened because or it could be due to containing high levels of dissolved organic matter, but this usually leaves the water a darker shade of brown or red.

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