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NASA prepares to fly helicopter on Mars for 2020, spacecraft will launch on July 30

After 8 successful landings on Mars, the world's largest space agency, NASA is preparing for the Mars launch of the tenacity Rover Mars helicopter on 30 of July. 

NASA has named this mission Mars 2020. During this time, this rover will collect information about old life on NASA's surface. In addition, this rover takes stones and soil from the surface of Mars to the earth.

Mars helicopter 🚁  : ingenuity 

Launch date : 30 of July 2020 around 4:15 PM  ( TODAY!! )

Mars helicopter design by : jet propulsion laboratory

Maximum speed : 36 KM / H

Power : 350 watts 

NASA's major missions will be launched if successfulProject manager Mimi Aung said it would be as thrilling as the Wright Brothers' first flight. 

During this time this helicopter will have 1 month to fly. After its success, future astronauts and robots can be seen moving from one place to another with such helicopters on Mars.

                    Ingenuity helicopter

Click this 👇 & see the video of ingenuity flyer... 

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