This is how much priyanka chopra & virat kohli earn per post of instagram || they are top 2 Indian who's earn most from insta per post -Classy colouR

Priyanka chopra is celebrity who done her work in different directions like funding for animals helps, oldage homes...

And ambassador in popular global regions

Virat kohli is same as the priyanka Chopra who done Worth work in such big regions

And earn from them 😜☺

But what's they earning from instagram ? per post

Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli are the only two Indians on the Instagram

Priyanka took the 19th spot with $271,000 earned per post. ⇛ 2,01,86,966 INR

Virat, meanwhile, was at the 23rd spot with $196,000 earned with each post.⇛ 1,46,00,167 INR 

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