Antigerms water Bottle use in COVID-19 pandemic - Classy colouR

NOVUS : Refresh your drinking experience 

The company designed the cap purposefully so that you can either disinfect your hands 👐 or purify the water 💧 

In the bottle as needed with ABA coating. Simply rub your hands on the NOVUS cap for at least 5 seconds, or whirl the water within the bottle to activate the coating's function.

Buy here rcubedesign bio Insured by vintage Boy Scout water bottle, this unique design is not only stylish but easy to carry.

It's sleek form and lightweight allows for convenient storage and transport. Together with our custom ECO PU sleeve.

Easy to carry out and impress someone with your hygiene.

NOVUS can be attached to items as desired for beg, backpack or bike.

Let's go to the tracking and drink purify water water using novus and be illness free, this is next step product of today's pandemic, NOVUS bottle- Refresh your drinking experience Bottle that purify the water, hand cleaning and Hygiene at same time.

NOVUS cap keep the bottle fresh its interior and exterior that are transferred through touch whenever used.

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