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Something which guy should know very well before lived a huge time lapse. 


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First off all for this time today's world adore your looks, it's impossible to meet each and every people face to face, but the thing is every single guy uses social media application not necessary to mention name of it :)  the virtual meet is possible in only social media, insta, fb and several number of platforms are there... 

  • Guy should know how to pose (different) for a picture. 
  • If you want to be more attractive than one should guy has to know about photo poses, if you want to be a influencer than you must know the photography with different angle and posture are key points.. 

Always remember one thing emitting smoke, take a drugs, drinking is not makes a men cool dude, this sentence seems like to abandon this stuff :( NO (If it gives a power or peace) BUT BUT Never cross the limit either.


        Body building is important, not meant to say make a high muscular body but stay a fit  human being it has two major advantage for guy only. 

  1. If either you notice something stuff in men or guy body if one should maintain a body (no slim, with muscles strength) he has long (increases length), energetic WEAPON (penis). 
  1. 2nd is If fit you are no disease pass on your body ( which is extremely true ) 


Hey! Often If guy wear something, and it is not suitable on him the society says: " he has a bad choice " 
And the majority of guy Envisage this things and discontinue to wear Catcher clothes.. 

 ( BUT WHY ? )

Divers clothes they are like that which directly rely on your body (Slim, fatty), hairs etc.
Each & every clothes in the world are good for you but the thing is you should know which cloths has which kind of style you can prefer once you know and notice it, you'll be able to attractive and eye catchy in every situation. 

 PREFERENCES : for being healthy you have  to resize you, so be a muscular guy, grow up a beard, focus on the basic communication skills it'll makes you highlighted in many fellow guys..

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