NASA discovers farthest known galaxy in the universe || Hubble Uncovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen

Farthest galaxy which is seen by Hubble telescope 🔭 Are you see it!? 

MACS0647-JD is the farthest known galaxy from the Earth based on the photometric redshift.
It has a redshift [ the wavelength of the light is stretched, so the light is seen as 'shifted' towards the red part of the spectrum] of about z = 10.7,
equivalent to a light travel distance of 13.26 billion light-years
Number of stars: 1 billion
Distance: 13.3 billion light years (light-travel time); 32 billion light years (comoving distance)

Astronomers are continually spotting ever farther galaxies as their observation techniques and improve the quality of tools. The last object to hold the title of farthest thing ever seen was the galaxy SXDF-NB1006-2, which lies 12.91 billion light-years from Earth. That maybe galaxy or object was founded by the Subaru and Keck Telescopes in Hawaii.

Astronomers spotted the object using NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes, with the aid of a naturally occurring cosmic zoom lens as well. This lens is a huge cluster of galaxies whose collective gravity warps space-time, producing what's called a gravitational lens. As the distant galaxy's light traveled through this lens on its way to Earth, it was magnified.

The mini galaxy is less than 600 light-years wide; for comparison, the Milky Way is 150,000 light-years across. Astronomers think MACS0647-JD may eventually combine with other small galaxies to create a larger whole.

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