NASA will pay you a massive $20,000 to design a toilet for moon! Can you?? -Classy colouR

The greatest offer for NASA :))

If you are intelligent, smart, ingenious, Clever, Proficient, dexterous, Artisan...
Then you can do it...

Basically NASA wants will pay you to design a moon toilet that works efficiently & effectively.

Whenever astronauts goes on space they suffering from toilet because of they lives in zero gravity..
You know what i talk about...😁

NASA has called out the inventors all over the world to develop a toilet that can work on future lunar lander spacecraft and not just in microgravity.

The winner of the best-designed toilet for moon will receive a whopping 20,000 dollars which is 14,96,500.00 Indian Rupee

There’s a reward for the second-best is 10,000$ and third-best invention reward is 5,000$.

The best toilet design of NASA challenge will be used for their program Artemis which plans to land first woman and next man on the moon by 2024.

NASA's consultation also say the new toilet must have :

⚉Function in both microgravity and lunar gravity.

⚇Have a mass of less than 15 Kg in Earth's gravity.

⚉Occupy a volume no greater than 0.12 m3.
Consume less than 70 Watts of power.

⚇Operate with a noise level less than 60 decibels (no louder than an average bathroom fan).

⚉Accommodate both female and male users.
Accommodate users ranging from 58 to 77 inches tall and 107 to 290 lbs in weight.

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