How to learn English language in an unique & familiar ways -Classy colouR

English is a language of exultation, arrogance,  which always your stand higher in day to day communication in your life. Advantage of learning English is 40% of English words is you heard around you & as well as you are speked, 60% of you your less English is you can learn of below steps 😃

1st step is....

If you want to learn English language then you have to do a one boring work that is you has to go in you tube and learn basics of English basics of English is the foundation of English that words is have, has, can, could, may, might, shall, will, had etc..
It is used to done maximum work in your single sentence that's why you has to learn first off all these things..

2nd step is....

Generate a curiosity in your self and look at surrounding you and as well as visualize scenario and think about every things and then ask question on your own which thing that you should to know in English pronounciation of each and every thing which is located near you..

3rd step is....

Most important is on your social media platforms like instagram, facebook, what's app, twitter etc.
You has use English language only, even if it is broken,
because practice makes men perfect and also women. 😊

4th and final is....

Watch English cartoon films Like big hero movies every parts believe me it's amazing for expressing yourself in English language,  and after then you should watch Hollywood movies as well that's makes carving your best part in English language..

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