Pride moment for India : shree Ram temple - Classy colouR

The facebook is the popular application in India, facebook is the requirement of everyone, the CEO of Mark Zuckerberg has been noticed the one thing..

No, no not the account activity of females is additional then the female population of India..

One word which is most religious, power full, devotional, piety word 
According to Mark Zuckerberg the name of shri ram is written on facebook more than 2 billions times in every single day. 
Which grandiose.. 

♥ Shri Ram ♥ 

From 40 decades ram janmabhumi ayodhya has been not shri ram's great temple India has most beautiful & gorgeous temples of shree Krishna like ISKON & seaside based dhwarikadhis mandir is most popular in India & also in gokul, mathura & vrindavan..

Important, loud & largest festival DIWALI 
Is celebrating causes of shree Ram, in Janmastmi peoples know where is the super temple of Hare Krishna but in Diwali nobody can knows hare Rama's temple but in 2023 - 24 the shree Ram temple is settle in hus birth place..

after Hare Krishnprabhu shri ram is most popular god out of India, the shree Ram temple is located in a small, tiny & obnoxious area in ayodhya, U.P.

The name of Shree Ram is the feeling, it is the emotional word...

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