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 India is the biggest democracy around the world, India has larger population and this large amount of population has been tempted to knowing news, they were going to Indian e-media. 

E-media's actual meaning is a electronic media but in nearer future it may turns into error media. 

Today's Indian reporters or journalism channel losing their actual jobs, easy level meaning of media is to

 " reality shows which is actually occurs " 

but instead of doing that they were providing unnecessary drama and stress, to increases their TRP 


Nowdays Indian media's current topic is NCB's scandal, YES!  It's good to show the reality of Bollywood 🎥 industry in terms of drugs racket but instead of doing that R. Bharat and some other popular media channel doing their job wrong and worst, they doing mental harassment of some celeb.

They followed them and chase them to everywhere and asking the same question again and again although they know that answer will never come or respond will be never come. 

Indian media doing the job because of their TRP they don't want to publish or shows these things which is not increase the TRP. 

If farmer is attempting suicide because of no one noticed their story, after the suicide of farmer media coverage their story via line, they never wanted to find why he makes suicide but instead of sushant Singh or other actor / actress attempting suicide they were going to research on it and solve the case as soon as possible or ever sooner than the police. 

Indian media which is may turns into entertainment center cause they shows unnecessary drama like XYZ actress gave a baby boy 👦 or baby girl 👧, what's the zodiac sign of him or her what's the skin colour, eye colour etc or XYZ actor traveling via Mumbai local, viral tiktok video, unnecessary video shoots, pranks and back stages of TV series for increasing TRP. 

But the fact is they were providing necessary awareness about the farmers why increase rape in India?? Etc.. 

Manisha who's the girl Raped by 4 young boy and break her back and cut her tongue why?? Because if they cut her tongue she'll not able do speak 😠 And she died.. 

Why media wouldn't start campaign #justiceformanisha..

Think about it... 

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