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Here some lite adults skill that you have to list out and memorizing through out the journey of your life, there is 7 adulting tips moreover skills that everyone should know by the age of 25.

 1. Your school/college will not equip you for your career. 

You will learn about hard work and people though the education you undergo. 

But when it comes to career skills, you'll primarily have to teach yourself while on the job. 

 Your REAL career coaches are :- 

i.The tasks you knock off your task list

ii. The mistakes you will invariably make

iii. The conversations you have at the office. Do more, fail more, communicate more... This will make you grow more. 

2. Taxes hurt, but jail will hurt more

As early as possible, know that your country's government will expect you to give up a significant amount of the money you earn.

While taxes may hurt, they are a necessary price to pay. It's the ethical thing to do. Especially in a world that's becoming more and more digital, avoid getting into tax trouble. 

Pay up for your country's welfare and for your own future mental health. If the idea of taxes scares you, find a good, ethical CA to guide you.

3. Personal finance knowledge is life's greatest skill.

  you cannot possibly learn this from one single person. 

You will have to learn from multiple sources. Money can be multiplied. Unfortunately, no educational institution will ever teach you how to multiply the money you've made. And honestly, no educational institution should consider doing that. 

This is a subjective game with too many variables and possibilities involved. Everyone eventually plays their own unique personal finance game. 

So it's not correct to teach people a 'standard' money multiplication game. There are infinite possibilities. 

The trick is to begin investing (and learning) early.

4. Your worth in the world is decided by status.

 There are very few humans who are NOT influenced by the 'game of status in society' This basically means - The more money you earn, the more the respect that society will give you.

 Newly successful people often complain about how people have suddenly started treating them better. 

But this the harsh reality of human behavioural patterns is that people think like this :- 

'Align yourself with the powerful for your own future benefit' 

Everyone from labourers to the intellectual classes will treat you based on how well you've done in your career or how well your family has done for itself.

 Even if you don't agree with this thought process, it is what it is. So work hard and create your own advantages.

5.  remember, money is not the goal of life.

 The beauty of the modern world is that it's more full of opportunity than ever before. 

There's lots of money to be made if you play the game right. If you work hard enough, you will have accomplished most of your financial goals by the age of 30. 

Almost everyone l know who has achieved their financial goals, realises that life isn't about money. 

It is much more about the following factors :

Your health - Your relationships - Your spiritual growth /Higher purpose - Your karma (ethics) - Your legacy and impact-creation.

The key to note is that you shouldn't ignore any of these in your pursuit of money. 

From day 1 of your career, be mindful about how you treat your body, your loved ones, your spiritual self, your subordinates and your fellow human beings. 

This is the bigger game in life. What's the point of money if you're going to sleep guilty or unhappy?

6. Life is unpredictable af.

 Your best friend might become a stranger in a few years. The love of your life may get married to another person after your rough break up. 

A professional opportunity that seemed to have been built for you, might be stripped away from you. That's the true nature of life.

 The sooner you learn to be DETACHED, the easier the journey of life becomes. Don't attach yourself to the results. 

Attach yourself only to your own efforts/actions. The more you keep your mind busy (working, learning, building relationships), the lesser you will be bothered by these moments of abandonment/loss. 

Life can be and will be difficult. As Bruce Lee said, 'Pray not for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.'

7. Nobody teaches you about mental health or meditation.

 This is the greatest curse of the modern world. We are taught how to constantly be on the offense (work, learn, procreate). 

But never taught how to create a strong defense. We're never taught how to defend ourselves against the traumas that life throws at us (death of loved ones, heartbreaks, failures, clinical depression, amongst many others).

Creating your own 'Defense mechanisms' is all about :- 

i. Learning more about mental health & psychology. 

ii. Practicing daily meditation.

These are both crucial career skills & personal growth skills. 

Your mental health is something you will ALWAYS need to pay close attention to. If you are silently going through a bad phase, be open to speaking about it with your loved ones. If you can't speak about your mental health issues to your friends or family, you should seek professional help in the form of therapy. 

Don't internalise the pain. As for the biggest mental fitness exercise there is - Meditation has been shown to directly change the structure of your brain (and therefore the nature of your thought process). 

Daily meditation will become a weapon for your career and an armour against the difficulties that life will throw your way. Here's wishing you all the luck, love, success and peace in the world.

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